Farmhouse with pool in Montepulciano

Our pool is the pearl of Fontecastello. Situated so that you can look out at the garden, the olive trees and the beautiful surroundings. It's the perfect place to take a dip or simply to relax, especially when it's very hot. There are plenty of sun loungers for relaxing on or for talking to other guests.

The main characteristic of the pool with sea salt is the physical benefit that creates to the health.
The water incredibly pure, crystalline and clear is pleasant on the skin, does not irritate the eyes and especially avoid the use of any chemical product.
Chlorine is produced through a electrolysis process that separates the sea salt in sodium and chlorine, which dissolving immediately in water produce hydrogen sodium hypochlorite: a disinfectant which plays to 100% its oxidant and disinfectant function before transforming back into salt.

An innovative, all-natural pool with zero impact on the environment and the beautiful surrounding countryside