Sentiero della Bonifica ( Path of the Reclaimed Land )

The cycle and pedestrian Path of the Reclaimed Land is only for those who wish to travel slowly. As no motorized traffic is permitted, it guarantees total peace even for the youngest travellers. However, it is important to follow some safety rules which must never be forgotten along the way.

1) Always keep your helmet on as it is an essential protection all the time.

2) Every now and then, the cycle and pedestrian path crosses over asphalted secondary roads. The road signs are adequate but it is advisable to be careful and, at or near crossings, it is a sensible idea for adults to go before children.

3) The route does not go through town centers, and during the journey, it is advisable to pay attention to the map which marks out the possible detours from the main path which play an important role as �escape routes� to more sheltered areas in case of bad weather.

4) The cycle and pedestrian Path is mainly in the open with very few shady stretches. So it is important in summer to remember to take with you a protective sun cream, sunglasses, hats and caps to put under your helmet or to wear when you take a break.

5) Never forget: two full water flasks with saline supplements, energy-giving snacks, fresh fruit. Drink and eat at regular intervals before you are actually hungry or thirsty . Dehydration and extreme hunger can cause energy �black outs� that may signify that you will begin feel so bad that you will have to end your journey then and there

6) The path cannot be used in the case of flooding or at night.

7) As the route is not asphalted, although it is stable, it does require careful cycling without making any sharp movements or turns. When meeting other cyclists or pedestrians who are going the other way, always stay on the right. Slow down and take care when you are approaching or overtaking other excursionists, making sure that they are aware of your presence beforehand.

8) Travel along the mapped out route so as not to harm the vegetation and to limit soil erosion, avoiding to cross over soft ground.

9) Do not leave litter. Take it with you and, if possible, pick up that of others.

10) Take with you a small rucksack with a change of t-shirt, a padded jacket, a kit for mending flat tyres and a First Aid kit with a disinfectant, some gauze and plasters, and some useful emergency numbers.

11) Before setting out, it is advisable to inform the owner or manager of where you are staying about your daily programme.

12) Respect the philosophy of the excursionist cyclist to do as little harm as possible to nature. Limit yourself just to taking photos and to leaving almost invisible footmarks and take away with you only wonderful memories.